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Being an end to the Barnett Formula

Comment 14th July 2010

The Scotish government is evidently very well financed and do not need additional finances directly from Westminster. I propose to end this unfair practice.

Why does this matter?

The Barnett formula should be ended because this redistirbution of finance is at the expense of the population of England that lives outside London. As a result, many English cities have large deprived areas that have no hope of regeneration because the money is simply not there and there is no mechanism to get regeneration finance in England. As an example, I state the case of Bradford. Large parts city centre were levelled ready for grand building projects, yet, 2 years ago, all the funding was withdrawn and now the centre of Bradford is hole in the ground. At the same time as this, citizens north of the border get free perscriptions, free university education and massive flagship projects all on the public purse (the Scottish parliament and the Edinburgh super tram but to name a couple of examples). It is time to end this inequity.

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