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Comment 8th July 2010

your own departments should be put in order before dissembling the welfare of human lives

earley this year i contacted the p.m office due to the split of the department's the m.p that my case was handed to  mr d.hayes for ashton under lyne contacted me and asked for me to put my concerns in a letter and address to him also a signed statement for him to act on our behalf  as of 08/07/2010 still no response from mr hayes or department for works and pensions

as to why trying to get information correct in the first place is such a task that anyone would think we lived in russia

my question's were why do these departments get it so wrong that it causes so much

distress that people get so frustrated and angry with these department's they would end up being branded as criminals for threatening behaviour it is no wonder this country is going to the dogs when these so called civil servants can not give a straight answer to a straight question and why it is so difficult for these departments to get things right in the first place

and avoid having to involve other organisations which is both time wasting and can prove to be expensive in travell cost's and appointments's

just recently we were sent information from the housing office that stated under the figures shown we were responsible for the payment of rent cost and poll tax

only to find that upon cheking the figures that were sent to the housing office by department of works and pensions that we noticed that they were wrong

upon conatacting the housing office to inform them that the figures were incorrect i was told that i would need to contact the relevant department to clarify as i stated that we had a simillar

incident a few years back and at that time was informed  the housing office have a direct number to contact theses departments they agreed that such a thing does exsist's but

was informed that i should do this hence i called the relevant department to ask them to clarify their mistake they proceeded to inform me that should the housing office need clarification then they should contact them directly which i informed them i had allready informed them of this only then to be told having asked for the information in writing that the department does not confirm by mail any information regarding our claim's having asked to speak with the departmental manager the operative hung up the phone

so i called back again only for a different person to take the call go through everything again

with this lady and upon expressing my disgust at the previous opperative and demanded that she transfer me to the departmental manager she asked me would i give her the opportunity

to assist me i said on one condition that she reports the previous opperatives actions to her manager and she said that will be done

she then proceeded to ask how she could help me i told her that i asked for in writing the benefits which we are in reciept of she replyed that will not be a problem and we recieved

the information within a few days then we had to make a ppointment to go to the housing office to produce the letter

hence wasting peoples time money and patience due to the incompetence of certain staff

within department for works and pensions

Why does this matter?

because it would elevate the demands on these departments if they get things right in the first place and stop pussyfooting around as i have stated in previous complaints to house of commons that the breakup of these departments was the worst concievable idea ever by a british government

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