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Better Democratic Rights for Jobseekers

Comment 10th July 2010

To restore freedom Britain to Britain's unemployed by making New Deal IAP more flexible and  less fascist, because no one should be dictated to.  Especially when it happens to be CDG which stands for Career Development Group but does not develop careers.

The flexibility should be that where an unemployed person such as myself has already made provision for training (such as the AAT qualification as in my case) should therefore not be forced to attend these stupid idiotic new deal IAP schemes -route training as they have cheeek to call it. Because I have my own route back to work and it is the AAT qualification..

Why does this matter?

Freedom to allow me to continue with my own route training instead of job centre fascists telling me that I have got to the attend the stupidly idiotic CDG for this facist regime of new deal IAP.

New Deal Job Subsidies were excellent and worked for me, however, the gateway and IAP side of things are absolutely rubbish.

I should be allowed my democratic right to continue with my own route training towards being AAT qualified and not have anything to do with that pathetic CDG.

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