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Better maternity/paternity pay for workers

Comment 2nd July 2010

There should be better maternity/paternity pay than what is currently available.  My husband and I want a family and we both work full time, but on the current maternity pay available we will struggle even if I only take 6mths off work.  

Can maternity pay be a higher percentage of your salary for longer, rather than a flat rate per week which is next to nothing?

And, can new dads have longer paid leave to be with their new family than the paltry two weeks?

I do not believe in a welfare state and understand that the country needs to save money, but the benefits which are approved should be distributed more evenly than at present.

Why does this matter?

Seems to me there are a lot of benefits around for those who don't work and have no intention of doing so. And young mums, single mums,unemployed, poor….I don't fit into those categories. I'm thirtysometihng and have worked all my life just above the threshold for qualifiying for any benefit of any kind, so why must I wonder if I can even afford to have a baby?

Surely if demographically our nation is ageing, this wouldn't be a bad idea to look into to encourage citizens to have children?  

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