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Better ways to reduce traffic than congestion charge

Comment 21st July 2010

Abolish the congestion charge.


– Enforce parking restrictions more rigorously and fairly with more focus on vehicles which are actually causing obstruction and double fines for those who double park

– Increase car removal vehicles and car pounds

– Provide cheap park and ride facilities

– Restrict deliveries to midnight to 6 am 

– Ban large lorries from central London and provide lorry depots around the M25 for the transfer of goods to smaller lorries and vans.

– Allow shared taxi schemes

– More and better cycle facilities

– Air conditioning and/or better ventilation on the tube and buses

Why does this matter?


It is obviously expensive to run and adds yet more beaurocracy and complication to our already over complicated lives.

It does not generate enough money to cover the costs – thus the western zone and price rises.

It is unfair on those who live in the zone not least because they have to pay for builders, plumbers etc to come to do essential repairs.

If people were guaranteed to get a parking fine or have their vehicle towed away when they park illegally they would naturally be less inclined to drive into central London.

Less lorries would cause less congestion, less pollution and less damage to roads and street furniture and make central London pleasanter for pedestrians and cyclists

More varieties, cheaper and pleasanter public transport would attract more people to use it

Encouraging people to walk or cycle more would make them fitter, healthier and less prone to obesity.

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