Bill of Rights

The Human rights act should be done away with as it effectively breaks the connection of rights and responsibilities. The rights of the victim and the vulnerable often seem to take second place to the rights of those who have abdicated their responsibilities ( eg Abu Hamza ).

A bill of rights should be introduced , with some rights being forfeited by the willing abdication of personal responsibility and the pursuit of lawlessness. Effectively one should earn ones rights by good , law abiding citizenship and not be cossetted by over generous nannying.



Why does this idea matter?

Because the public are losing faith in the Legislature, the Courts , the Police and other law and order enforcement agencies because they percieve them to be toothless in the face of over protective legislation for the wrongdoer and they see this as devaluing the best principles of citizenship , responsibility and of having a negative impact on the fabric of society.

The perception is that the wrongdoer has the rights at the expense of the victim.

The balance needs to be redressed.

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