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Bin HTM01-05

Comment 30th July 2010

Decontamination standards in Dentistry in the UK are already the highest in Europe. Other parts of the EU do not Sterilise instruments between patients unless they have been contaminated with blood – their rationale – these instruments are as contaminated as the knife and fork used in a restaurant and need the same standard of decontamination ie. a good wash. HTM01-05 in the introduction says that it has been written in response to vCJD (so far in the UK less than 200 cases {only 2 in Northern Ireland} when the experts had predicted a minimum of  20,000 cases). Also in the introduction it says that no matter what is done the prions cannot be deactivated ( the document could have stopped here at page 7).

In conclusion HTM01-05 has been written to take care of a problem that does not exist and if it did exist it would not take care of the problem.

I would put our local decontamination measures up against any in Europe and certainly against the secondary care sector in the UK.

Why does this matter?

If HTM01-05 is not binned it will mean the death of NHS dentistry.

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