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biomass power generation

Comment 24th July 2010

Remove the subsidy for biomass generation.  The costs of the subsiby are passed on to all elecricity consumers, private and business, by the ROC system.  Yet the burning of wood fuel in this country (where we have little forest cover) would mean the import of huge quantities of wood.  Calculations of the carbon costs ofcutting it, reducing it to chips or pellets,drying it, transporting it across the globe, transhipping it and moving it to power stations shows that biomass generation produces more carbon outputs than generating electricity in gas-fired installations.  Yo this carbon output we can add figures forthe releaseof carbon from deforested land.  So environmentqlly the idea is (or should be) a non-starter.

A further disadvantage is that subsidising demand for wood for burning, rather than making things, puts at risk UK supplies for our struggling wood-based industries, and the thousands of jobs that depend on it.

Why does this matter?

Abolition of biomass subsidies would, at a stroke, reduce our tax take, reduce imports, relieve other sectors of industry of unfair competition, and reduce our carbon footprint.

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