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Blame & Claim Culture

Comment 1st July 2010

Health & safety etc. is necessary but surely as individuals we have a responsibility to take care as well. Councils, and other public organisations spend thousands of pounds a year in compensation payments for very minor incidents (e.g. when someone trips). Surely we have a responsibility to watch where we tread! People trip and fall in their homes every day…what reasons do they give for that?

Blame and Claim is only a culture. People can be re-educated.

Bring back common sense, throw out 'silly' claims and save thousands of pounds (of our money). 

Why does this matter?

1. It would save these organisations thousands of pounds (of tax payers' money).

2. Hopefully it would make individuals more responsible.

3. It could remove some claims litigation from the court system. Often organisations will settle a claim because it is the cheaper option…not because it's right.

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