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Block the EU Proposed Ban on Rat Poison

Comment 8th July 2010

The EU in all its wisdom now wants to ban anticoagulat rat poisons which account for 95% the means of rat control.  The substance used, Difenacoum, is an essential tool in the country's armoury against rodents.  The EU claims that rat poison is harmful to pregnant mothers, who should stay away from rat poisons anyway.

Why does this matter?

Loss of poisons could see rodent popultions soar, causing an widespread increase in disease such as Weil's Disease, Salmonelly, E Coli and TB, and also see increased loss of and spoling of foodstuffs.  Rats also cause damage and are responsible for causing electrical fires when they chew through cables.  Without Difenacoum, the armory of the pest controller is diminshed, especially where rats have built up a resistance to Bromadiolone.


Scrap this ridiculous Brussels rubbish!

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