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Border Control should be abolished…

Comment 27th July 2010

How big and wealthy a nation is is determined by the people in the nation. The United Kingdom is one of the Great countries God had really Blessed. The reason why God Blessed this nation is to take care of other nations on earth. They are the colonizing nation according to God. They have done a great deal of job colonizing nations and other things to mention a few. Things are terribly bad in most of the nations now and people are seeking greener pastures away from their homes. Why then must the nation who we all look up to as the only surviving hope turn around and stop people from coming in? Its very bad. I think UK should look into the border control laws and lastly the people who are already in the UK working and contributing to the economy of the country should be granted amnesty if they can provide proofs that they ve been in the country and have been contributing to the system.

Why does this matter?

For the Great Britain to move forward, there is need to allow free movement of people and grant people who are already in amnesty.

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