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Break the cycle of re-offending, instigate The ROA 1974 review

Comment 15th July 2010

My idea is that the amendments proposed in the review of The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 should be finally brought into play. The review was carried out in 2002. It is now 2010. I am especially interested in the section surrounding the disclosure periods of unspent convictions. I work in this specialised area and I know how difficult it can be for any ex-offender to find work. The sooner this mess known as The ROA 1974 is amended, the better it will be for all concerned.

Why does this matter?

This is a very important piece of legislation, in that ex-offenders want to break the circle of re-offending. This will be of great benefit to every community throughout the United Kingdom. Not every ex-offender will stop offending, but my experience has taught me that the majority of ex-offenders just want the chance to prove themselves to their families and communities.

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