Bring back Nativity plays in schools

I think its a tragedy that nativity plays have been banned in schools so not to offend the  foreigners who come here, of our heritage and christianity. They come to Britain to seek a better life, only to want to change things round to their own ways and beliefs.

This is just one of many issues that seem to offend and its about time that immigrants were falsed to intergrate into our society and respect our values whether they like it or not.

We would be expected to live by their beliefs etc if it was the other way round.

Why does this idea matter?

Its very important to educate our children and instill our history and beliefs in them like i had back in my days at school, and part of that learning process came from the nativity plays. 

Our children are going to grow up one day and made to feel like we do now, 'SECOND CLASS CITIZENS WITHOUT A VOICE' i also believe that our children are going to feel confused as to where they come from and what our british culture means to them, as theres too much focus on other religions around them and being made to fit in woth other ways.


At the end of the day Nativity plays do know harm to anybody, only those who fear it and seek to change it.

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