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Bring back the Licensing Laws

Comment 8th July 2010

Allow Public Houses to open and close at proper hours and let them decide if they want to serve food.  Also, Pubs should be allowed to refuse to allow children under 17 years of age to enter. Many of us 'old uns' learned how to take our drink in the Pubs when there were proper opening hours and young children were not allowed in!  There was no awful musac in those days and pubs were a place to meet socially and enjoy a drink with friends. There was very little trouble and practically no drunkeness in most parts of the country and beer was reasonably priced.

Clamp down heavily on the parents of young drinkers who binge drink and make a nuisance of themselves and control the Supermarkets on what they sell. The Drinks Industry has been targetting kids and children for years and they must be stopped.







Why does this matter?

Because drunkeness and bad behaviour amongst young children is now a national disgrace!

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