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Bring Back the Nit Nurse

Comment 8th August 2010

simple bring back the nit nurse.

my children suffer constantly from nits dispite daily going through hair.  I have 4 girls who do not have long hair for girls, but it is thick.

Nits are a social problem and need to be dealt with accordingly.

You can't even get nit lotion on prescription anymore,

my childrens lives are controlled by the infestation and are unable to go to restuarants or cuddle relatives with the closeness they desire.

and all the 'they do grow out of it' comments don't help stop the abuse these little critters inflict on my children.

e nit nurse to primary schools

Why does this matter?

it will identify neglected children,

the number of children with lice will decline.

all children will be free to receive the cuddles and love they deserve without fear of passing on lice.

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