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Bring back the student’s jobs, please.

Comment 15th March 2013

Tony Blair, was showing off to India, and he let the British companies, that are registered here, and do their business here, to take their jobs to India and the Far East. Before this, back in the day, our British children and students and graduates used to get call centre jobs and they used to save up money, and then get their own house, easily. Now, there are no more of these jobs and many of our children and students and graduates are unemployed and are unable to buy their own house. You should make a law to force all of those companies bring back their jobs and call centres here. If they don't you should cancel their licenses to practice. If you do this, the economy will become strong and the money will flow. Indians do not understand what we Britons tell them over the phone. Indians also trouble our Muslim people here in Britain. They know Muslim names and they trouble them as they find out from their names.

Why does this matter?

Because our young generation need houses as well, and they need jobs and money. David Cameron, you do not need to cut anything in spending for the deficit. If you bring the call centre jobs back by force, the economy will become strong and the money will flow. Simple.

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