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Bring common sense to music licensing

Comment 17th August 2010

There is a small local theatr, wih a combined foyer/cafeteria/bar attached, where our society stages ligjht operatic concerts. We would like to have a cocktail pianist playing background music in the foyer before concerts while patrons arrive and during the interval.  We can't because only the theatre has a music license and not the adjacent foyer/cafeteria area.   The licensing regulaton may be well-intentioned but is too draconian and needs to be reviewed and common sense applied.


Why does this matter?

Because very modest enhancements to the evening performance cannot be made because the law is probably designed to prevent very loud amplified music from being played in residential areas, or other locations where a disturbance may be caused either by the music itself or the clientele of the venue.   Venues where pianists or pehaps singer /  guitarists perform occasionally don't want to shell out large sums for an entertainment license for such occasional and minor performances.

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