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Bring in legislation to make strikes not in the national interest illegal

Comment 12th August 2010

We have just been through a series of B ritish Airways strike whihc caused havoc to the travelling public.

Today, we hear that three major airports in the UK are about to be shut down due to the BAA situation.

However, if that happens, our economy will suffer to say nothing of the people booked to go on holiday. Exporters, families, children will suffer and the biggest airport in the world will just close until a small number of selfish people decide to go back to work.

I happen to find this situation insufferable; that greedy people who just want more money can bring the country to it's knees is intollerable on the vast majourity.  An annual holiday is irreplaceable, it's just not fair.

So why not pass a Law that says that if a strike can be proved to be not in the national interest, it can not take place.  If an employer can challange that in court, in front of a jury, it will be fair, impartial and the UK will suffer no more from the few who care only for themselves in cases such as BAA.

Why does this matter?

The idea is important because now is the time to do it.  There could be numerous strikes with stupid people protesting over cuts as in Greece but the vast majourity of peope in the UK know we have to have cuts to get back in shape again.

While a few union members have the ability to wreck everything we are trying to achieve, namely get back on our feet, this Law would prevent that and the decent majourity of people who work hard and pay their taxes would not have to suffer at the hands of a greedy minority.

When things do improve, the Law would still be there to make sure the unions do not rule the country, the elected Government does. 

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