British Faiths

All existing faiths such as Catholics, Church of England etc take precedence in this country. These faiths are part of what makes Britain what it is.

If immigrants want ot practise another religion they may do it in private but they have no right in this Country to force their faith on us. If they want to practise their own faith publically then they must return to the country where they can do this.

We must not make adjustments to our society because of immigrants to our country. The reciprocal arrangement is already in place where Britons have to respect the customs and faiths of other countries. They have to respect ours. If they don't then get out!

Why does this idea matter?

Because I want the future of Britain to hold the customs, traditions and beliefs that have always been there over the Centuries.

I am fed up with EU interference in this matter and the catastrophic mess left by the last Labout government.

Britain is for the British people not anyone else. If you don't like elements of our country don't even think of changing them. We won't give in to political (un)correctness or challenges to our rights in this Country. Immigrants are a visitor in our Country so that puts them in their place!

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