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Building Regulations

Comment 5th July 2010

Scrap part P.

Why does this matter?

These sections make it convoluted or near-impossible for a homeowner to easily do even the most basic electrical DIY without consulting the council – replacing a plug or an electrical switch. While electrical safety is important, this is an unreasonable restriction, that a homeowner "may" be alowed (or may equally be forbidden) to do such basic DIY work in their home. Cost to homeowner of replacing facia of socket themselves – £10 (£4 socket, £6 time). Cost to do same in an area where notification "may" or "may not" be required depending on the council – extra admin, extra letters, a council employee, time needed on hold to my council asking if they consider the work "notifiable" or not – total cost for my time, councils time, form designers, data processors, council data storage, offices and facilities, council's internal audit and compliance time, administration clerks, possible electrician? £200? There has to be a way to greatly lighten this unnecessary item.

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