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Burka/Burkha banned

Comment 8th July 2010

I think that burkas should be banned! plain and simple!


Women who wear the burka will be liberated to dress how she wants to, rather than ordered by her husband/family etc….

If we go abroad, whether it be Spain, Turkey, Egypt, India, we respect their dress code and religion, and dress in accordance. 

I have seen children scared to death by these women who wander around like morbid ghosts! 

its offensive!

if they commit a crime, chances are they wont be caught, because no one saw their faces!

Why does this matter?

Because this is the United Kingdom. out national religion is church of England! it will allow women who are forced to wear the burka, to dress as they want to.

it will also allow confidence and barriers to drop between a few choice areas of the UK.

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