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Burkas should not be protected by Damian Green alone.

Comment 18th July 2010

I don't feel the decision to keep the Burka legal under British law should be made by Damian Green exclusively. Green describes banning Burkas as "un – British."

The Burka is a highly controversial clothing, which has been used to violate female rights, and has numerous implications on our nations security. Why is it forbidden to wear a motorbike helmet into a bank, but a burka is legal?


We need at the very least some kind of independent group set up to investigate the effects of the French Burka ban, on British culture, social integration of immigrants, and security. 

I feel it would be appropriate to have a referendum on this issue. Recent polls suggest as many as 70% of Brits are in favour of a ban. Is it not Un-British to ignore the British peoples opinions?

Why does this matter?

Clearly it is an issue across Europe, seeing as France have already decided on a Burka ban and the people of Britain should have some input to this. 


Following a French burka ban, (which is estimated to effect around 2000 women directly) it is inevitable that many of these women will move from France to Britain, along with their families. If, for example, these women each have a husband and 3 children it could mean an extra 10,000 people moving to the UK directly from France. Not to mention the scores of Muslim women who will simply bypass France and come straight to the UK.

At the same time, a recent news story told about a Christian nurse who was fired for refusing to remove her Crucifix. It seems Green is more concerned with upsetting the Muslim community in British (the vast majority of whom do NOT wear the Burka) than he is about fairness and equality for all. 

I really stress that I do NOT wish to sound intolerant. I have nothing against anyone of any religion, but I do believe that social integration should be encouraged for long term residence in Britain.

For me, its not the Burka which is the point here, its the fact that one man is allowed to make the decision on this alone.

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