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Bus Lanes should not be operative on Bank Holidays

Comment 25th June 2017

Motorists pay huge road tax for driving on roads which are becoming narrower with every passing day while the number of cars are increasing. It is the duty of the local government to facilitate the motorists and not loot them by issuing PCNs for driving in an empty bus lane on a bank holiday.

Why does this matter?

On Bank Holiday Mondays, roads are absolutely empty and there is no rush of traffic even during peak hours. Hence motorists must be allowed to use bus lanes on all bank holidays. Issuing penalty charge to motorists for entering a bus lane on a bank holiday is a rip-off and a source of making money for the councils. There is absolutely no logic in issuing PCNs for driving in an empty bus on a bank holiday, specially when there is no queue and no bus is in sight.

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