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Businesses who rent Premises from councils should have the right to buy them!

Comment 1st July 2010

Any company who has rented a property from the council for a set amount of time e.g. ten years (so the council has made it money from them) should have the right to buy the property. If the Businesses does buy the property from the council the company should sign an agreement not to sell or change the use of the property for a set amount of time e.g. five years and also if they have to sell the property within the set period of time, the council should have the first refusal to buy the property back.   

Why does this matter?

It is simple, my Father moved into his property in 1985 at a fixed rent, when the lease came up for renewal my Father was not given the opportunity to buy the property, all he was given was a massive rent rise. If the small buinessman is supposed to be given all the help it can get why not help them own where they work. By owning there own property, upon retirement they could rent the property to fund the penision they will get or even pass it onto there family to carry on the company.

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