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camping and caravan rallies

Comment 17th August 2010

legislation does not take into account peoples rights when allowing camp sites to set up and farmers  to use fields for rallies.

anderby residents association would like the government to look into the following points 

residents rights to enjoy their homes

proximity of site to residents

will the site/rally be intrusive to neighbours

shared drive should always have the residents written agreement

also a 10 year clause exists for landowners to abuse their licence agreement, ie if a site agreed to a 15 van site, if they abuse the agreement  for 10years they get to keep the enlarged site. no justice in this clause whatsoever. the licence should be revoked and  re-appied as well as being fined for breach of agement

Why does this matter?

does not allow for peoples rights therefore legislations contradictory and needs putting into the policies for camping and rallies

distance from properties very important to close becomes intrusive on peoples rights to enjoy their homes, due to noise, smells, dust, volume of traffic and general talking. 

10 year clause encourages landowners to abuse regulations so do away with this clause and anybody thats already abused must reduce the caravans to the original agreement within a certain period or go to court for original breaches

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