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Can we start manufacturing goods in this country again?

1 Comment 20th July 2010

If one was to go shopping in a typical UK mall, then one would find many different goods made in other countries included some in Europe, but hardly any (if any at all) made in the UK. It would surely make sense to start manufacturing goods again such as clothes, cars and many other things even medical supplies for the NHS instead of using cheap equipment from abroad.

It could rebuild our economy as this country does not appear to have one at the moment and we would certainly be creating jobs in a place that is not offering a lot of opportunities for people at the moment. I do not see how we can go on the way we are going, for money cannot always make money and at one point in time, this system is going to fail.

Short term fixes are not going to gaurantee aguarantee, we ought to start thinking years ahead of us, because there are people that will be coming after us and it will be a great starting point if we began to consider their needs too.

Even reopening the coal mines is a possibility, because it would ensure jobs again. If we started to rebuild and reshape our economy, then we could export goods just like other countries do.

Why does this matter?

It would be fantastic to go to another country seeing something that has the tag "made in the UK" and it may stop the disillusionment of the everyday people. It might even ensure hope for the future.

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One Response to Can we start manufacturing goods in this country again?

  1. Nigel Davies says:

    I have the no how to make anything also the get up and go to do it, the problem is you can purchase it from china for next to nothing, and believe me although some of it is good most is rubbish.
    To get manufacturing going again you need to tax imports so they are the same price as ours, simple if its cheaper from china some one will import it. if its cheaper here then only a fool will import it.

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