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Cancel 2011 Census

Comment 3rd July 2010

Over recent years the census has grown froma a failry simple head count into a grossly expensive and intrusive multi page form that demands we surrender intimate details of our lives or face criminal prosecution.

There is nothing it provides that could not be garnered with equivelant  accuracy through modern polling methods so in straightened times it should be cancelled while the whole debacle is re thought. I'm sure there will be plenty enough information floating around in dusty internet archives to keep the family historians content in a hundred years.

Why does this matter?

  • It will save money at a time where every penny we can find could be useful
  • It would make a great way of signalling that the era of ever increasing government intrusion into our lives has ended.
  • It had become less and less reliable as people have rebelled against the scale of the questions and either refused to answer it or filled it out with random information.
  • It is only being carried out from habit and a reluctance of civil servants to allow the people to 'win'. There are far more accurate and cheaper methods of getting the required information.
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