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cancel human rights law

Comment 31st August 2010

cancel human rights law, and get out of this e.u  monstrous mistake!!!!!!!

Why does this matter?

To give this country the freedom, and rewards, that the true British deserve.  The "so called human rights, seem only to work for illegal immigrants, who are known  terrorists, thieves, and gang members.  You have only to watch documentaries,  or read the national press to see what I mean.  All the time, you can see "illegals" given housing, some of them, mansions, that cost thousands of pounds ,in the name of human rights.  Benefits should only be paid to people who have paid into this country, i.e. tax, and national insurance .  We are a laughing stock.  The last government, (and I use the word government, loosly) cut funding to universities, so that HOME students only have very few places, the rest of the places, of which there is many, go to foreign students. Only if you are financially independent, can you get a place in university.  Some-one I know of, gained the marks at college, which he was told, that last year, with those very same marks, he would have been able to gain access to university, but now, like the funding,every thing has been changed!  The worst thing was, he was told "  It's a pity you cant go to Africa, for three yearsbecause then, you could have come back to this(his own country of birth) as an overseas university student.

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