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Cancell the National Summery Care Record

Comment 13th August 2010

The most recent evaluation of this expensive project by an independant group at University      College  London  has fuound  it to be not effective at improving health care. In the British Medical Journal Professor Anderson comments on the lack of privacy. The record is designed to gather data frm diverse sources, GP`s and hospital notes, but no one is responsible for ensuring they are accurate or relevant.  Tens of thousands of people with NHS smart cards will have access. Although they must seek permission first how will that work?  Then there is the way patients have been "informed" of this new system. The letters sent to patients did not make it clear that unless they filled in a form, NOT included, they would be automatically deemed to have given consent for their data to be put on the system, thus many patients do not realise they have been put on the system.                                      

Why does this matter?

One in 10 medical records so far up loaded on this data base contain errors that could put patients at risk according to doctor` practises that have checked their patient records that have  so far been uploaded. Secondly that to assume patients have given permission by not opting out is a incorrect way to proceed  as it assumes they all received letters and understood that they had to opt out. The more normal practise is to ask peple to opt in.

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