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Cannabis and the Drug War in Real Terms:

Comment 1st June 2016

I have been stripped of dignity more times than it is possible to forgive in this country.  Seeing as this site is anonymous and a place to air grievances, I shall do so without apology or loss of further pride.

It is easy to ignore, make glib comments from behind a safe and distant view on the world, but there is another view, and it is one I do not wish upon anyone.  Humanity is tenuous, and I have seen the ugly side of it in this country to a degree that I will never fully recover.  This is a post from an ex patriot that has abided by the law to the letter through personal morals and not just totalitarianism. 

Below is a link I would like everyone to to click and read:  As ludicrous as it is to post a comic strip, this piece is more than a sum of its parts.  Please, click this link and see what the drug war means on a human level and not a ignorance filled glimpsed overview.  Newspapers perpetuate myths because it sells papers and politicians ignore all advice for the electorates approval; a viscous circle that needs breaking.

As a Dickens fan, this for me is poignant.  CHARLES DICKENS' Christmas Carol for the modern day; as relevant today as it was in his own troubled and partisan days:

Why does this matter?

Because faith his hard to maintain when you know too much.  I have a self-awareness, I know posts like this offer themselves up for ridicule, but I have taken worse and ridicule is easy to field when you have such evidence to show for the debate.  So, debate with me/us, tell me why cannabis is a controlled substance that criminalises me for saving my own life and 10 million others in the UK who treat this substance with respect and it shall respect back?  

Post evidence and citations, but, come back, and engage with the debate.  After nearly 400 threads on cannabis, there still has not been a single argument that holds up for its place in the misuse of drugs act.

Once more, please read this whimsical comic, it may be a flippant look at a subject, but the consequences for millions is anything but.

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