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Cannabis Commercial Production > Public Consumption

Comment 1st July 2010

Many of the comments on here all seem to just say, make it legal and tax it. Not so simple, but dont forget that Amsterdam has a working model and its going well.

So why not adapt the laws to that of Amsterdam? And create hundreds of new businesses from it. 

Remove the attrocious "no smoking in a public place" law, and leave it down to the sole discretion of the business/organisation/propertys owner. This needs to be done first.

The right to apply for an Industrial Cannabis Growing Licence, to supply Smoking Cafes and other Businesses that would have the right to apply for a Cannabis Reseller's Licence. (As you can see, this a very similar model to how alchohol gets to your pub.) Every step taxable.

Individuals/Families can apply for a growing license, to regulate, should be along the lines of:

number of plants at one time= 3*(number of persons over 16 residing at applicants address)

I.e a family of 4 with children aged 17 and 19 would be allowed to grow 12 plants, at any stage of life. i.e 4 seeds/seedlings, 4 saplings, and 4 mature plants = 12 total.



Why does this matter?

Because of the current and REDICULOUS laws associated with the growing of marijuana for personal use.

People grow their own in the UK for mainly, one reason. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GETTING.

Drug dealers, like every other business, seek profit at all cost. And you get proft from adding wieght, but when its done with GLASS FRAGMENTS (so that the plants buds grows around it and makes it more dense) It is the buyers that get to smoke it… with god knows what else added to it, and chances are you have to go into a really rough area of town to buy it, becuase buying it dosnt come with the sentaces that growing it does!

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