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Cannabis decriminalisation

Comment 19th July 2010

The decriminalisation (not legalisation) of Cannabis.

Why does this matter?

With the authorities stuck in an cycle of raiding homes, issuing warnings, more and more cannabis production sites are popping up; a clear case of supply and demand. The criminalisation of cannabis means that the strength, purity and 'cut' cannot be regulated so buyers have no idea what it is they are buying; has it been cut with glass, other drugs, how strong is it etc…


Taking the drug out of the hands of the criminal underworld will allow the government to tax the supply and plough the money genreated back into drug education programmes in schools etc.


It's clear that the war on drugs can't be won the way things are done now, and people now risk buying the drug from dealers and there is no age limit. By decriminalising it, it can be controlled, whilst those who continue to produce it and sell to kids should be punished more severely. Legalised outlets would allow for proper education to be given out and for it to be sold in a controlled environment.


Evidence from the Netherlands does not point to the use of cannabis rising in the long term.

Doing this would allow police to focus their energies on detecting real crime rather than engaging on the merry-go-round system we have now.


Drugs policy isn't working as it is; We have the highest rate of drug use and alcohol misuse in Europe.

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