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Cannabis licence

Comment 12th August 2010

I am relieved to see that the cannabis issue has created so much interest on this site. As much as I would like to see a full decriminalisation or legalisation policy, I would be extremely happy even to see it go back to being a class C drug.

I think the main problem with introducing any sort of cannabis tolerance scheme into the UK is that the public have been so heavily misinformed by previous governments.

I would first like to untwist a common 'fact' found on various BBC, talk to frank and other government associated websites. You will often hear a playground myth even amongst otherwise intelligent adults that 'skunk' is some sort of 'super mega potent' genetically modified variety of cannabis. Skunk is in fact as natural as corriander, and was first bred in Holland in the late 1970's. It is a cross-bred variety of an Afghani indica, a Mexican sativa and a Columbian sativa. Skunk is not the most potent strain of cannabis, and there are plenty of stronger hybrids available such as super silver haze, cheese, hawaiian snow etc… (there are thousands!). The stronger the THC % of the strain the better as you need to physically consume less vegetative material to get the desired effects. The highest levels in Amsterdam are no more than 23-24% and seemingly much less on average in the UK. Stronger THC % doesn't  necessarily mean stronger effects as all cannabis produces the same general hazey feeling (relaxed, happy, hungry & sleepy). 'Skunk' is used as a media buzzword. Notice how the term 'skunk' only exists in the UK? It is a long forgotten strain on coffeeshop menus in Amsterdam and has been cross-bred many times since its poularity 30 years ago.

I would like to see the introduction of a cannabis licence with a strict application. This licence could be available to persons aged 18+ or 21+ and would allow them to legally grow up to 4 plants at their home address for personal/medicinal use. The cannabis must only be consumed at that address, not leave that address and not sold or supplied to anyone else without a licence. That address must hold no more than 400g (dried final product) at any time.  The law remains the same as it is now regarding drug dealing, consuming it in public, possession etc…except it is tolerated strictly at home for adults who wish to use it responsibly.

Why does this matter?

I feel this is a realistic approach to a fairer cannabis policy in the UK which could be introduced immediately.

I think it is important to separate the responsible cannabis community who have no interest in profit making and just a pure love for cannabis, with dodgy drug dealers and criminals. I myself choose to consume cannabis as my only recreational substance. I don't drink, smoke tobacco or do any harmful drugs and I have spent a lot of time researching this issue. I believe all things that exist naturally, exist for a reason and no human has the right to dictate what plants can or cannot be grown & consumed in the privacy of ones own home.

This idea would not encourage youngsters to try cannabis. It would be no more available than it is on the street now and those who obey the rules will have no worry of criminal convictions or future career aspirations being ruined by an unfair law. It will be fair for medical cannabis users too.

This idea may be similar to many that have already been posted, but I feel new threads should remain open for discussion as it gives a clearer picture of what the public want (which is what the purpose of this website is for if I'm not mistaken). It has also taken me some time to type all of this out and I would appreciate it if the moderator doesn't decide to close this thread.

Thank you

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