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Cannabis: Put it to a referendum!

Comment 16th July 2010

 The last Government was notably rigid and authoritarian on the matter of cannabis and how its users should be treated. We deserve better. Nothing less than a full public debate and referendum can now correct the memory of Brown's bullying. If the new Government is serious about the Big Society, and about serving not dictating, giving us an early vote on cannabis would be the best possible way to prove it.

 Three recent opinion polls, (the oldest from last December,) show a majority of UK residents oppose prohibition and want change:

The high level of commenting on cannabis here is further testament to how big an issue this really is.

Transform have done great work on alternatives to prohibition. They and others should be part of a working group devising a fair question or set of questions. Then a short period of public debate  across all the media, and finally a once- and- for- all referendum on the legal status of cannabis.


Why does this matter?

There has never been any public input into the administration of the drugs laws. And the drugs laws have not protected the country from drugs harms, which continue to rise.

The politicians need to admit that on this one, they've been very wrong for a very long time. And having admitted it, they need get out of the way and allow the public to drive.

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