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Cannabis vs ‘skunk’

Comment 6th August 2010

Sorry – but there's no option to add an idea in other sections –

I think there should be a distinction in the law between natural cannabis, and the genetically modified 'skunk' which because it is synthesised is not 'natural' to the human body and is therefore causing so much destruction through kids starting psychotic episodes.

Why does this matter?

Because 'skunk' is causing so much destruction through kids starting psychotic episodes, if there is more freedom for people to use the more natural source, they won't be so tempted to try this terrible substance, and risk permanetn damage to themselves and their families. Kids wil try things, we have to at least help them to make more sensible choices. If all related substances are classified together, they cause rebellious behaviour. 

Also, could there be an easy way to 'dob in' a grower of skunk or chemical labs, without putting in a formal complaint ? A note through the letterbox, a phone line ?

Many thanks for this forum.

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