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Cap NHS salaries from £30k not £21k

1 Comment 6th July 2010

21k is not a large salary to survive on, especially for single people, so why start capping small salaries within the NHS? 30k on the other hand is a good amount to survive on even if you are single, so why are those on small/average salaries being penalised?

Why does this matter?

By starting capping at a 30k, it allows single people on small/average salaries the chance to live a slightly more comfortable life and will still encourage people to want a career within the NHS. Private sector salaries (who are the people partly to blame for the current financial situation!) aren't affected so why start capping small/average salaries within the NHS? Capping larger salaries is understandable as those living on these types of salaries are likely to be able to continue living comfortably even with a cap, but it's not fair to cap somebody on a small/average salary like 21k.

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One Response to Cap NHS salaries from £30k not £21k

  1. G.Squire. says:

    21 thousand ‘not a large salary for pe3ople to ‘survive’ on’?

    Say that to someone on basic state pension,.

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