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Car numberplates use of fonts and spacings

Comment 11th August 2010

Can the legislation be changed on the font styles and spacing allowed as legal on numberplates.

The criterior should be that size and clarity is the rule and that differnt fonts of the same size and material should belegal. Clearly if the font is not legible or offensive they should be not legal.

The police are keen to use show plates as a reason to stop cars even though the car has been verified as legal on their car data check.

However officers get a little hot under the collar when they see a personlised plate as they did with me and the 70 year old with the Range Rover who they attacked wih their battons and jumped on his bonnet. I suppose if I or this 70 year old were criminals the police would not come near us.

Why does this matter?

Unnecessarily rigid law.

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