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car parking

Comment 2nd July 2010

Is it too much to expcvt to able to go about ones daily business without encountering an army of traffic wardens?I have actually witnessed a traffic warden issue a ticket to an invalid who had the proper invalid car user licence being given a ticket because she inadvertantly put her licence upside down on her dashboard.I have seen wardens patroling at 07.30 hours and also at 20.00 hrs also saturday afternoons.I live in a very small town and sometimes see as many as 5 wardens in a 20 minute spell.

Why does this matter?

Because people should be allowed to go about their daily businees without this interference.In the overwhelming number of cases they are not doing anybody any harm, the parking only become illegal because the local town hall gestapo say it is, not because it causes anybody else a problem.To have wardens checking cars who are parked at a particular time and returning to ensure they are not there one hour later is an absolute nonsense.Has anybody else heard of a saying that used to be poular in this country which went"live and let live" We become more like soviet Russia every day.

Bernard Logan

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