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Cutting business and charity regulations

The UK public have submitted 2427 law change ideas relating to Cutting business and charity regulations.

All Cutting business and charity regulations ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
First time buyers wendypuerto 1 Comment
abolish deposit protection scheme mwaters 1 Comment
Replace Road tax by adding the cost to the price of fuel bennetju 1 Comment
Ban telephone revenue sharing on non-07 & non-09 numbers tg76 1 Comment
Allow metres rather than yards on distance signs anthonyzach 1 Comment
s81 Housing Act 1996 djmoore 1 Comment
Remove V.A.T. on School Branded Uniforms MrsArcanum 1 Comment
Remove ‘tinkers’ from the scope of the Pedlars Act 1871 skort 1 Comment
Cheating UK David Wilding 1 Comment
Exemptions from filling in forms for the Office for National Statistics dykahn 1 Comment
Housing Act 2004 – Revision of Tenants Deposit Protection (TDP) Legislation eromallid 1 Comment
FENSA (window installers) forms a closed shop Beeshed 1 Comment
Remove catchment areas of GPs CamdenResd 1 Comment
putting those old quango buildings to good use Patricia Haywood 1 Comment
Allow plastic bottles containing water in all venues martindean 1 Comment
Cut FREE boilers and central heating installations paullawrenson177 1 Comment
Make it illegal for public servants to lie to or deliberately decieve the public Iagree 1 Comment
Abolish the TV so called “licence” (licence indeed, for a telly??!) taffy415 1 Comment
Scrap all paid paternity & maternity leave. mwe152 1 Comment
CRB nonsense peter270357 1 Comment
Repeal corporate TPS legislation JElder 1 Comment
Stop having premium rate 0871 numbers for government departments TanyaPetrena 1 Comment
Road Fund Licence PETER 1 Comment
taxation ideas lizzy44 1 Comment
Reduce Listed Building Burocracy davidjwhitt 1 Comment
Abolish Software Patents timer 1 Comment
Allow all unused registration plates to be sold by DVLA timbaker 1 Comment
Revamp the Benefits System – making it a support service, not a right to abuse the system! JustDamian 1 Comment
Enforce lane discipline on motorways and dual carriageways worcestermick 1 Comment
Repeal law stopping courtesy cars/buses cbe 1 Comment
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