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Cutting business and charity regulations

The UK public have submitted 2427 law change ideas relating to Cutting business and charity regulations.

All Cutting business and charity regulations ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
Force the (Voter owned) Banks to pay a higher rate of interest to Local Authorities davmas 1 Comment
Microgeneration Certification Scheme SGilbert 1 Comment
Get rid of ASBOs AndyW76 1 Comment
removal of straw burning ban in uk charlie9880 1 Comment
Building regulation enforcement period jgowens78 1 Comment
Reduce Traffic Problems by Banning HGVs on Sundays pfrenchm 1 Comment
Move environmental taxes from point of disposal to point of sale HamWilts 1 Comment
Motivate more mothers to breastfeed; withdraw vouchers for free formula PamelaM 1 Comment
Merge PAYE and NI into single simple tax davep 1 Comment
Remove business rates from empty and/or unused premises JMVivian 1 Comment
Abolish National Insurance, increase income and corporation tax accordingly AMole 1 Comment
Abolish EYFS for out of school clubs/holiday clubs ccox 1 Comment
Educational quangos; repeal regulation and close IFL oldkingkole 1 Comment
Stop taxing pensioners Gill 1 Comment
Pensioners migrating abroad should not have pensions frozen. csavage 1 Comment
Give us back informal camping by removing licensing / H&S obstacles sprog 1 Comment
Fines & community service for litter bugs joss 1 Comment
Transfer of Private Drains and Sewers set for November 2011. drainman 1 Comment
Scrap Tax Exempt Status for Religion RandomComment 1 Comment
House purchase legally binding dukeofplwmp 1 Comment
Remove the issue of Pedlars licence from Police to Local Aurthorities Richardrj 1 Comment
Scrap minimum wage legislation robertogden 1 Comment
Abolish TUPE legislation jlangton2 1 Comment
First time buyers wendypuerto 1 Comment
Replace Road tax by adding the cost to the price of fuel bennetju 1 Comment
Ban telephone revenue sharing on non-07 & non-09 numbers tg76 1 Comment
abolish deposit protection scheme mwaters 1 Comment
Remove V.A.T. on School Branded Uniforms MrsArcanum 1 Comment
Allow metres rather than yards on distance signs anthonyzach 1 Comment
s81 Housing Act 1996 djmoore 1 Comment
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