Cutting business and charity regulations

Re Hiding the ciggies away

No this Must not happen. This wretched Governement are really nasty and could not give a monkies for the newsagents at all let alone larger stores. Its like these pubs that are closing because of no smoking. I have brought my self an electronic ciggie but its still NOT Allowed in a public place ! This is a real nanny state. And us smokers MUST all stick to gether on this matter and help these newsagents, before cameron and clegg ruin us all

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Agreed Terms for HMRC Services

HMRC should have a statutory requirement to pay tax refunds within a set period of time. Paying interest on overdue refunds not made is a cop out.

Having waited over 3 months, phoned numerous times to be told that refunds are in progress is unacceptable. (Interestingly the HMRC will fine you £100 for late submission of tax return).

A proper customer service department that has the power to make decisions and enable action to be taken is required.

Wrong tax calculations from HMRC, MP expenses, pensions debacle how much more do we all have to take before the powers that be start to be accountable and provide a service to those who make the country tick?

Let's hope this website offers more than a cursory tick in the box!!

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VAT is here to stay and that is a given, rates will change.

Scrap this tax for public sector bodies and all those pseudo organisations that are funded via the public purse.

What will this achieve?

Save on red tape and people resource. It is pointless the Government providing budget then charge VAT on all our services….. yes we can charge it out to those who provide a service but not pay it ourselves. This will save on budgets and allow the people used in running and policing this huge 'silo' to concentrate on other more fundamentally administration needs. Those people resources at the HM Revenue end can focus more resource on finding and catching benefit fraudsters etc.. The largest issue we face today is policing the system. By getting rid of buereaucratic red tape that just pushes wooden dollars around is wasteful.

In Univesities it is easily identified how much income is private and public. Public income should also include grants from research councils etc as it is fundamentally public money. Real private monies raised from the private sector or individuals counts against them to ascertain a %age to be paid on services bills for VAT. eg if a uni has true 20% private funding then they should pay VAT at 20% of the prevailing rate eg if VAT at 20% (Jan2011) then the uni would pay VAT of 4% on all of it's invoices. If a Uni has now private money then it pays no VAT at all. This does not affect the paperwork as companies supplying goods and services would still 'charge' VAT but the user would not pay the VAT just the ex VAT figure….


This would save huge amounts of rec tape all over the country and drive out waste in the administration structure.

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