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Cutting business and charity regulations

The UK public have submitted 2427 law change ideas relating to Cutting business and charity regulations.

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Law Change Idea Author Comments
Bad Social Netowkring sites within NHS bradleysmith
Stop focusing specifically on the ‘obesity crisis’ Xani
Abandon Eurpoean Working Time Directive for junior hospital doctors allotth
Reduce the burden of regulation on dental practice gfeaver
Allow NHS recycling jinhoy
Pension Protection Fund Levy and excessive pension regulation tonyharper
Enable defined benefit pension schemes to link retirement age to longevity khoodless
Guidance KPIs johnsmith888
direct payment instead of support people p6410880
leave the e u. alcyone
Repeal the 20% VAT rate mburchell
Abolish National Insurance / combine NI with income tax jogu
A total rethink of HMRC TabbN
Abolish VAT on e-books JohnSturt
Change start of tax year to 1 April or 1 January dcrocker
Corporate Tax Restructuring For British Companies In A Downturned Economy TonyDean
stop forcing companies to do returns on line annefamily
Impose National Insurance on Dividends Callander
Income Tax Bonna
Intra company transfers jerryC
amalgamate CRB check provisions suestibbs
Two tier police system – The big society in practice gr8mohawk
Scrap most of the ‘Corporate Manslaughter/Homicide Act 2007’ jamesSB
Remove Data Protection Laws between Medical Professionals ladyluck250
Scrap Local Authority Prosecution Powers lookingup
The Privatisation Of Santa Claus TLT
Actually Implement OGC PRINCE2 Practice matt2809
The Great in Britain oguntala
Create an offence for agrivated reporting msknight
Equal rights for all U.K. pensioners granca
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