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Cutting business and charity regulations

The UK public have submitted 2427 law change ideas relating to Cutting business and charity regulations.

All Cutting business and charity regulations ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
Scrap Insurance Premium Tax ChasNewport
Merge National Insurance and Income Tax Patricia Haywood
Stopping local authorities frittering money away during the last financial quarter Mjp1972
Bankruptcy and fraud multra
CRB checks frank
Protect the right to criticise religion and the state AndyW76
Special educational needs – behavioural difficulties Calltone
Repeal the regs allowing Councils to get Final Salery Pensions. christhegoth
Reduce Application Process Waiting Times kyawnaing
Retention – documents, files and records RickThornton
Entrepreneurial relief extension julianwest
I am against regulation of Counsellors & Psychotherapists via HPC richardchurch
Reduce the cost of the administration and provision of “Supporting People” services. derekb
Scrap the ban LCooke
International Financial Reporting Standards kroberts
Scrap Rollover Contracts for Business Energy Users Makeitcheaper
Synchronise Accounts Submission HMRC & Companies House notria
Get rid of IR35 Patricia Haywood
IR35 SimonRafferty
Reduce fines and penalties for small businesses jonball
Levy on business using overseas call centres DACargill
Summertime Trading Hours Tom2010
Repeal the requirement for venues hosting one or two musicians to have a licence (introduced in 2006) Cronkston
Remove requirement of ISO 9000 for government tenders TheDog
Health and Safety Hazardous Substances discovery
Interest payments not an allowable business expense billpwl
Facilitating home businesses MWStorey
Post Office To Compete On Equal Terms lessimon
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