Cutting business and charity regulations

Currently HMRC insists that home made biodiesel (i.e. exempt producers producing less than 2500l per annum for personal use) meets EN14214 in order to benefit from the reduction in road fuel duty.

However testing against EN14214 is very expensive and therefore makes home biodiesel production uneconomic  or very risky (in terms of a big bill from the taxman). Why have legislation saying you can produce up to 2500l of biodiesel and then make it impossible to do so.

The insistence on EN14214 also excludes the use of Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) which requires no processing. Producing biodiesel uses energy and leads to waste products.

Lifting the EN14214 requirement would encourage the use of biodiesel.

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Currently diesel contains 5% biodiesel. The limiting factor is the viscosity of biodiesel at low temperatures.

At 25 deg C 25% biodiesel/diesel would have the same viscosity as as 5% biodiesel/diesel at -10 deg C.

Therefore the proportion of biodiesel could be 5% in Winter, 15% spring/autumn and 25% during the summer.

It is normal for ordinary diesel to be sold without winter additive during the summer months so it should be no problem to change the biodiesel/diesel blend.

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Abolish the Health and Safety Executive and all Health and Safety Regulation.

This idea could have been suggested on any of the website’s three sections:

1. 'Restore civil liberties' – Just this morning a "health and safety" fiat was issued by a lady to stop me pouring my own coffee in the work canteen.  It seems "health and safety" can used as a password to stop people from doing anything.

2. 'Repealing unnecessary laws' – There are already laws against polluting the environment, poisoning people’s food, etc (protecting health) and laws against negligence/recklessness (protecting safety). Is there a need for double laws?

3. ‘Cutting business and third sector regulations’ – The amount of time wasted complying with nonsense regulations in my laboratory is ridiculous. I’m sure it’s the same in every workplace and is costing the country a fortune.

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Building regulations

Building Regulations are currently used as a method of increasing cost to home owners.  Where a new item is to be installed, then the regulations can apply but they should not apply to replacement items.  For example, I had to replace my oil boiler and it could not be installed under current regulations in the same place as it had been installed.  Considerable replumbing was necessary to get a replacement to what had been working well for 20 years.

If I wished to replace my oil tank, then it would not fit into my property under current regulations giving clearance to boundaries etc.  I would have to move away from oil and propane gas and only Electricity would comply with current regulations.

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