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Cutting business and charity regulations

The UK public have submitted 2427 law change ideas relating to Cutting business and charity regulations.

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Law Change Idea Author Comments
WEEE – another burden on small businesses slowfiddler
Housing Court – quick action for residential tenants and landlords MartinHeseltine
Abolish planning permission for rentals for 3+ people pschure
CDM Regulations tombryn
Self regulation for responsible private rented and sector landlords residentiallandlordsassociation
Street Naming & Numbering abc123456
End discrimination on the grounds of current security clearance status davidgmartin
Rob rfmason
Live Music morphs
Allow music or a radio at work without a licence smallbizowner
Rescind the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme epalmer
End fossil fuel subsidies bnorris
Stop litter by putting a refundable deposit on all bottles, cans, metallic wrappers, etc. simonholder
Scrap the Plant Passport Laws DrGCT
Waste Management CarrieMe
Scrap Offsted penguin
Remove Public Schools Charitable Status andyhofer
Reduce top-down regulations at universities mpretzler
End the perverse and anti-passenger “performance regime” on the railways kerrg
Ring Fence Motoring Taxes pete9999
Complete Review of Euro Emissions Regulations for Heavy Vehicles paulsawbridge
Remove payment by results for mental health services torsby1
Amend legal age to buy alcohol lisax
Removing pointless quangos in the health care sector and removing regulatory bodies that are acting in against the best interests of the patients stuart34
Restriction on dental mechanics derekwalker
Form the Allied Health Professionals Council dmirfin
No Brainer psfelton
Health and Safety Law – The Death of Common Sense neurosci
Revise H&S laws that force one to wash in scalding water JFH
complete overhaul of benefits system urgently needed mumsies
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