Radio 4's tedioulsy smug serial drama "The Archers" consistently fails to represent a cross-section of British society.

Ambridge is shamefully devoid of immigrants, refugees or religious minorities.

By casting white, middle-class, rural people the show fails to represent modern farming which is clearly diverse and tolerant to all groups of people (I admit that there is a Geordie cast-member these days but I don't think she can be considered to be an ethnic minority)

The occaisional gay, lesbian or trans-gender cow wouldn't go a miss either.

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Remove cautions from CRB

Police station road sign

Cautions are blighting people's job prospects and ruining lives. I received a caution after my abusive ex-husband reported me to the police for common assault.  He had threatened my life and the lives of my children and had assaulted me on several occasions (including when pregnant).  Whilst feeling under threat and duress I I used reasonable force to remove him from my house.  I ended up with a caution (very much sold to me by the police) after spending hours without food in the police station.  I was too scared of the consequences of going to court , but now very much regret having my day in court.  The police did not charge my ex-husband despite him admitting to kicking me whilst pregnant in his statement!

I have a PhD and hoped to train as a teacher (my ex knew this and knew the consequences of his malicious complaint).  I do not want to have to discuss my appalling marriage every time I apply for a job, so I only apply for those that do not require a CRB. These tend to be low paid jobs.

My ex-husband also got cautioned, but due to his career will never need a CRB check…

I should never have been cautioned in the first place. Now my earning potential has plumetted and my ability to forge a career is pretty much ruined. 

Cautions were supposed to be a 'telling off', not a black mark that sticks for life,

Remove cautions fom CRB checks and allow people such as myself to have the career opportunities that we deserve.

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Equal representation for women

Four men in centre of house of commons

While we are considering reforming the voting system, why don't we make sure that women are equally represented?  This could be done by electing one man and one woman for each constituency.  It would mean that constituencies would have to be larger, but it's the only way that women will get equality in Parliament – we are really not making any progress worth mentioning.  I expect someone will comment that we can't do that for every group in society – true, but I'm not proposing that.  Whilst someone can be black and a man or women, a smoker and a man or woman, etc, as far as I know you can't be registered as a man and a woman at the same time.  Minority groups are fairly represented in Parliament already. Women form more than half of our population, but they are not properly represented in Parliament.  Women do think differently from men and approach life in a different way.  Their experience of life is totally different from men and yet we only have a few women MPs.  This should apply to all elected bodies.

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