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Repealing unnecessary laws

The UK public have submitted 5124 law change ideas relating to Repealing unnecessary laws.

All Repealing unnecessary laws ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
Remove all planning regulations on use of holiday homes hazela 10 Comments
Get rid of agricultural tie restrictions on dwellings adamgrower 9 Comments
Remove reversing alarms from vehicles tzvelo 9 Comments
Make it illegal for recruitment agents to advertise jobs that do not exist haydene 9 Comments
Police Cautions Need an Urgent Review anthony2010 8 Comments
Allow cycling on pavements theLaw 8 Comments
Leylandii Hedge Law Maria 7 Comments
Raise Motorway Speed Limit to 100MPH & Scrap 20 MPH Zones Rationalist 7 Comments
VCR Act – Blank Firing guns Spooky 7 Comments
Parish Council abolition Londoner284 6 Comments
Section 5.3(a) of the Regulation of Railways Act 1889 – Travelling on Railway without paying fare. Patricia Haywood 6 Comments
Repeal the Welsh Language Act 1993 gadgetgrabber 6 Comments
Repeal and change the Smoking Ban WHag 6 Comments
Bring back corporal punishment atmbeveridge 6 Comments
Reinstate Rolling Historic Road Tax Coozer 6 Comments
Raise motorway upper speed limit mwparfitt 6 Comments
Repeal Jeremy Clarkson democrat 6 Comments
Abolish all Leasehold Residential Laws and replace with Commonhold healearch 6 Comments
Education for Police Officers stoneshed 5 Comments
Tractors to be banned from using main roads during certain hours Glumlock91 5 Comments
Lift Restrictions on Unisex Toilets nmoran 5 Comments
Cycling on the footpath gwalker 5 Comments
Legalise Balisongs/Butterfly Knives. jhutchison 5 Comments
Remove legal protection from herring gulls pafc 4 Comments
Give the police powers to stop loud music from noisy neighbours elderlylady 4 Comments
Bring back Conscription TanyaPetrena 4 Comments
Abolish Road Tax-Discs RJNewtonHowes 4 Comments
Regulation of Railways Act 1889 – criminalising people travelling without a train ticket Victor1990 4 Comments
Reinstate Imperial measure over European metric measure dmwelch54 4 Comments
Abolish the Welsh Assembly Kylie17 4 Comments
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