Repealing unnecessary laws

Stop all benefits to immigrants

brick lane

stop all forms of benefits being cliamed by non british people jsa esa child benefit tax credits housing benefits free health care and also just stop eu immigration fullstop as it has ruined most east midland towns as non british workers being employed by gang agencys and stoping british people from finding work

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The Hc makes mention when you can overtake and pass over the solid white lines such as a horse or a cyclist or a road maintenance vehicle. and that’s all. what happened to cattle sheep, cows, pedestrians. Also apparently you can overtake a horse or horses if ridden or walked but if its part of a cart or carriage then you CANT OVERTAKE if its a gypsy caravan say or a rig. now that seems silly. Also all things that can be overtaken must be doing less than 10 mph. so if its say a tractor fully loaded going uphill AT 20 mph then more fool you if you attempt an overtake.

I do feel that there are to many limitations and the regulations and/or advise should be looked at.

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Is The Law Requiring The Publication Of Cautions / Minor Offences When Applying For A Job Incompatible With Equal Opportunities Employment Law?

Is the government’s policy or UK law requiring the publication of any cautions for minor offences when applying for a job incompatible with equal opportunities employment law which makes it illegal for a prospective employer to discriminate based on race?

For example, if a UK citizen with a caution for a minor offense will show up on DBS check for up to 6 years when applying for certain jobs in the UK. A German citizen, with exactly the same minor offence, committed at the same time will only have to declare that offense for 3 years when applying for the same job as the UK citizen. After the first 3 years there is a 3 year period when the UK citizen would be discriminated against. The German doesn’t need to declare, indeed his/her record has been deleted, whereas the UK citizen would have to declare.

No matter how much the government insists companies should not discriminate on this, and be fair when assessing such situations, there is undoubtedly a human reaction to knowing a candidate has a criminal record which will affect many employment decisions.

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