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Repealing unnecessary laws

The UK public have submitted 5124 law change ideas relating to Repealing unnecessary laws.

All Repealing unnecessary laws ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
Repeal the legislation that requires no-smoking signs to be displayed at entrance to all public venues ruthl 2 Comments
Abolish Bank Holiday bus lane fines David Wilding 2 Comments
Listed Buildings – Relax Rules lessimon 2 Comments
Ban HGV vehicles from using the outer 2 lanes on 4 lane motorways Parison 2 Comments
Remove the 25Kw restriction for motorcyclists under 21 Chris0508r 2 Comments
Repeal the overtaking on the left motoring law mart1054 2 Comments
Lets have a referendum on the Death Penalty. kparks 2 Comments
Reform Council Tax Discount for Single Person Residence SELAW 2 Comments
Abolish the SORN system garethep 2 Comments
Reduce restrictions for dog walkers SteveKetteringham 2 Comments
abolish the smoking ban ellyfant 2 Comments
Listed building planning laws Parvatithecat 2 Comments
Repeal or Modify Part P of the Building Regs retiredceng 2 Comments
Abolish Welsh Language requirements bertramw 2 Comments
Repeal charitable status for “the advancement of religion” wiztwas 2 Comments
Re-Introduce a Rolling Tax Free Cut-Off for Classic Cars michaeljohn 2 Comments
Listed buildings bratty 2 Comments
Relax Employment Law for Religious Organisations Stratopastor 2 Comments
Legalize home or smallscale distilling of alcohol agentsmoth 2 Comments
Tagging of criminals using GPS technology instead of prison andrewh5634 2 Comments
Scrap FM Switch Off Law. jlight 2 Comments
Allow ownership of 2mm pinfire revolvers realist25 2 Comments
Repeat Prescriptions sunny 2 Comments
Metricate Britain MetricisBritish 2 Comments
End free social abortions on the NHS MidOn 2 Comments
Repeal Section 29JA of the Public Order Act 1986 dwilkes 2 Comments
abolish IPP sentences khali 1 Comment
Killing a pheasant by car on road Colleen 1 Comment
Prohibition Has Failed. EvisT 1 Comment
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