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Repealing unnecessary laws

The UK public have submitted 5124 law change ideas relating to Repealing unnecessary laws.

All Repealing unnecessary laws ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
Listed Building Consent laplennerie 2 Comments
Historic Vehicle Tax needs reviewing! davidjcasey49 2 Comments
Re-introduce rolling tax exemption for classic vehicles jed49 2 Comments
The freedom to be naked in public places craig69 2 Comments
Remove DEFRA travel route restrictions for pet dogs and cats with correct veterinary treatments dwall 2 Comments
Motorcycle Exhaust Noise Levels zulu6 2 Comments
Part P Abolition and Electrician Licensing gdrewitt 2 Comments
Change Heritage Legislation fowlerminshull 2 Comments
Restore Imperial Units of measurement – everywhere. RandomElectron 2 Comments
70mph on motorways is too slow richiepooh 2 Comments
IPP SENTENCES mark100872 2 Comments
Abolish 1515 Sunday Archery Law freethinker 2 Comments
30 mph repeater signs are illegal milessinclair 2 Comments
Bicycles should be exempt from VAT petrolhead 2 Comments
Proceeds of crime act 2002 et seq – repeal this unfair and draconian act ken1962 2 Comments
LOUD MUSIC IN CARS susepp 2 Comments
Reform the Party Wall Act to streamline building projects and protect consumers from huge bills kathyli 2 Comments
Allow Purchase of as many Painkillers as needed jdodkins 2 Comments
Outbuilding 2.5m height restriction planning law wlane 2 Comments
Abandon part P home diy electrical ban websterblackpool 2 Comments
Abolish/amend joint enterprise law ashleigh 2 Comments
MINOR CRIMINAL RECORDS must be deleted JtaylorJ 2 Comments
Stop all benefits to immigrants David Wilding 2 Comments
Undertaking on Motorways and Dual Carriageways Spadge 2 Comments
Listed Buildings Act – make “de-listing” easier KingoftheWoad 2 Comments
Remove Part P from current electrical regs Rogb 2 Comments
Pensioners cannot have carers allowance Scorpio 2 Comments
Repeal the Exemption for Religious Slaughter of Animals Thistlefire 1 Comment
PLANNING – Permitted Development (Part 1 of the GPDO) … lpasengland 1 Comment
People should be allowed to live free outside RespectTheWorld 1 Comment
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