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Repealing unnecessary laws

The UK public have submitted 5124 law change ideas relating to Repealing unnecessary laws.

All Repealing unnecessary laws ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
Repeal the samurai sword ban brian 1 Comment
Remove the Dartford Crossing Toll jonbore 1 Comment
“Life” sentences mfreeman 1 Comment
Retain non-digital radio broadcasting rbull 1 Comment
Proportional Representation while keeping constituencies thereverend2 1 Comment
Restrict child benefit,child tax credit for the unemployed. Blondbird 1 Comment
Revoke the anomaly that cow’s milk can be sold in weird units. SwanseaSteve 1 Comment
Remove VAT from Tampons and Sanitary Towels lellis 1 Comment
NHS Repeat Prescriptions sylviej 1 Comment
Free Speech – Review Section 4a and 5 of the Public Order Act David Wilding 1 Comment
Analogue radio switch off JohnEgan 1 Comment
Close Websites Like TheoncegreatUK 1 Comment
Control Lorry Overtaking on Motorways StuartW 1 Comment
Abolish unnecessary Human Rights Act jenkijh 1 Comment
Ear tagging and tracing sheep jgraham 1 Comment
Stop the efforts to force digital radio on the public ullmer 1 Comment
Abandon the switchover to DAB andrewjb 1 Comment
make retrospective planning applications illegal suecam 1 Comment
Apply the precautionary principle to leave to remove cases nimi 1 Comment
Improve road efficiency by legalising undertaking PeterC 1 Comment
Repeal the Regulation that Ofsted supervises childminding. tcalvert 1 Comment
Stop prosecuting parents whose children fail to attend school esullivan 1 Comment
To allow Horse Riders to use Footpaths and Cyclepaths horse1 1 Comment
TAIL DOCKING – COMPROMISE? wirefox 1 Comment
herbal highs kazbat 1 Comment
Repeal Harris vs DPP (1993) and allow the carry of locking, folding penknives without a specific reason ChrisRap 1 Comment
Remove cannabis from MoDA, Expunge all cannabis convictions and apologise JayelleFarmer 1 Comment
Reintroduce supertax for obscene salaries cyril 1 Comment
Relax the qualified persons for Electrical work in the house damiandixon 1 Comment
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