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Repealing unnecessary laws

The UK public have submitted 5124 law change ideas relating to Repealing unnecessary laws.

All Repealing unnecessary laws ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
Amend free prescriptions criteria talitha 1 Comment
Repeal the Housing Act 1988 SNI 1 Comment
Remove requirement to shoot animals from the Hunting Act GilesBradshaw 1 Comment
Bring back Hard Labour for Prison Inmates pp1 1 Comment
Treat Children of British Female Citizens Born Abroad same as Children of British Fathers jmortoza 1 Comment
Repeal Sarah’s Law DaveyBoi 1 Comment
Make Council council tax and spending plans available to the public prior to council elections AndyW76 1 Comment
Remove Council rule on empty homes. ajallsopp 1 Comment
Remove the business rates on fibre networks Upperholme 1 Comment
Ban the fitting of “BLUE” LED side lights to private vehicles ninja 1 Comment
Reverse bus deregulation by re-regulation and/or renationalisation bristolVRT 1 Comment
Taxi & Private Hire Legislation needs a radical overhaul jbfraser 1 Comment
Referendum on Capital and Corporal Punishment. TanyaPetrena 1 Comment
Reform Council tax vs8864 1 Comment
Re-Negotiate for Associate Membership of EU richardcalhoun 1 Comment
Tail docking in dogs hastingscumbria 1 Comment
Raising the speed limit on electric bicycles cwhope 1 Comment
Return of Corporal Punishment bdavidson 1 Comment
Limit the range of free bus passes. knightmm 1 Comment
Grandfather rights petew27 1 Comment
Repeal the Hunting Act maxc 1 Comment
One CRB check to cover all organisation, eliminate need for one act of volunteering and replace with references for some categories of people annegodfrey 1 Comment
Gangmasters Licensing SChambers 1 Comment
Prostitution swyork 1 Comment
No job seekers allowance if there are unskilled jobs available. Whooshtop 1 Comment
Repeal Part P of the Building Regulations ndltrading 1 Comment
Reduce Benefits For People With More Then 4 Children master2k27 1 Comment
Don’t criminalise use of imperial units. jvedwards 1 Comment
Stop Overseas Aid georgericks 1 Comment
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