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Repealing unnecessary laws

The UK public have submitted 5124 law change ideas relating to Repealing unnecessary laws.

All Repealing unnecessary laws ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
Abolish chancel repair liability mabon2010 1 Comment
Reduce the time to Statute Barred debts from 6 years to 3 years DeBtsOLuTiOn 1 Comment
Private Sector Tenants’ Rights: End 2 Month Notice Period Patricia Haywood 1 Comment
Remove child benefit for third and subsequent children suzi 1 Comment
Stop unfairness in Child Support CSA formula flickerfree 1 Comment
gay rights lauriefear 1 Comment
Road Tax and Mandatory 3rd Party Car Insurance CupidStunt 1 Comment
Scrap VED, replace with extra fuel tax Theprofessional 1 Comment
Driving licence at 70 annrdgrs1 1 Comment
Get rid of covert surveillance on innocent citizens; Repeal Regulatory Investigatory powers act pdonohoe 1 Comment
Riding bikes on pavements darrenforster99 1 Comment
Remove Fine For Not Displaying Tax Disc cgcockcroft 1 Comment
Highway Code Agincourt 1 Comment
Revoke the law that allows court bailiffs to break into your home. mfrostick 1 Comment
HGV Single carriage way speed restriction. stoatsngroats 1 Comment
Schools should be secular, mixed, presenting religion as a comparative subject mtparker 1 Comment
Repeal the Ban on Tail Docking of Dogs PeterSquires 1 Comment
human rights reg 1 Comment
Duplication of CRB Checks revianlambert 1 Comment
Repeal Police Reform Act 2002 cyates 1 Comment
Cannabis users are ‘ordinayr’ people too. thompsonbassman 1 Comment
Government to print interest free money. reptilianresistant 1 Comment
Allow Public Nudity (continuation) pmailkeey 1 Comment
Proof of disability fennella 1 Comment
GMT & BST David Wilding 1 Comment
Repeal seat belt and crash helmet laws GrahamEarle 1 Comment
Remove the right to have Religious schools janaksodha 1 Comment
Repeal all sex and race discrimination employment laws Patricia Haywood 1 Comment
Create a fee payable for every CCTV camera RonnieLeon 1 Comment
Repeal criminalisation of psylocybes AdLG 1 Comment
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