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Restoring civil liberties

The UK public have submitted 5901 law change ideas relating to Restoring civil liberties.

All Restoring civil liberties ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
Pension reform 45 years of NI contributions slroyle
Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 – Section 40 gilder
Restore my civil liberty to not be discriminated against on the grounds of sex or race – which was eroded by parts of the ‘Equality Bill’. DanDennis
Capital Gains Tax Robertwalters
Digital Radio Change Over Simonstewart
Repeal law that allows ‘Super Injunctions’ jimbo1981
Abolish exceptional HMRC rights such as distraint jacquep
Traditional Community Activities lurgy1000
Justice should replace law for married trans folk Peeger
let us have bent beans, and bent cucumbers. kathywil
small business bad debtors. dsturt
MP’s and Transparency ianrmillard
Erosion of Liberty by European Court of Human Rights lesmitch
LEA – Health and Safety clquince
Bring in the amendments for The ROA 1974 DavidSmith
Repeal act thet got us into EU. jackiehooper
Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 jdlarward
Valuation Tribunals aubreya
Opt out of Euro legislation that is not right for the UK ajosbo
Fixed price Car Insurance as incentive for Teenagers cdcrompton
Stand up for atheists/humanists; why aren’t we covered under religious hate crime? maxwell
Let Us Have Our Parties !! Patricia Haywood
The law on murder lynnkorff
stop treating genuinely disabled people like scroungers neverwalkalone
Please don’t axe the census JDONE
Control orders are for totalitarian states only andymcadam
Move to European Time andybmiles
Freedom of speech Brianroffey
Repeal social security laws re refusing unsuitable work Patricia Haywood
DES quangos ronhird
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