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Restoring civil liberties

The UK public have submitted 5903 law change ideas relating to Restoring civil liberties.

All Restoring civil liberties ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
Naturism in Public Places BritishNaturism 9 Comments
Allow established illegal immigrants a chance to “buy” their citizenship biggerpicture 9 Comments
Decriminalization of TV Licence Non-Payment ianrmillard 8 Comments
Retain FM radio pbrett 8 Comments
Legalise sex with animals asdasd 8 Comments
Charge for A&E care if a person is intoxicated. PragmaticPhilospher 8 Comments
The TV License re-evaluated LRichards 7 Comments
Delete police records on the police national computer. Midas 7 Comments
Stop Incapacity Benefit for “Depression” riggers 6 Comments
Engage Met Police to reduce siren usage u886434 6 Comments
stop giving non working immigrants benefits and houses onlymesothere 6 Comments
Modified ‘Loud’ Car exhusts David Wilding 6 Comments
Ripa act – privacy stolen GMonti 6 Comments
Ban forced adoption and save £millions asimak 6 Comments
Lets lift the smoking ban it’s killing England THEONE 5 Comments
Save money by getting rid of all PCSO’s culliott 5 Comments
Vastly reduce the number of pointless automated announcements at major railway stations. smgray 5 Comments
Cancel listed buildings restrictions on residential buildings rnock 5 Comments
Stop racism against the ethnic English jessy 5 Comments
An amnesty for illegal immigrants already here diogenes 5 Comments
Bring back capital punishment for paedophiles, rapists & murderers lrodgers 4 Comments
Say NO to 08 Numbers Joanne 4 Comments
Ban loud exhausts from use on public roads gjb 4 Comments
Repeal the CJ&IAct 2008 s49sch10 which treats cautions as ‘convictions’. scruples 4 Comments
scrap cscs cards skipdiver 4 Comments
Criminal records should be deleted after a suitable period brianbaker8 4 Comments
Reform the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act nmitchell 4 Comments
Remove unfairness of multiple vehicle tax disc costs Elsie 4 Comments
Lower marriage visa age back from 21 to 18 jkdd77 4 Comments
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