Restoring civil liberties

Flexible use of agricultural land


Helps solve the housing crisis and boosts the economy at no cost to the government
The current restrictions on farm land are based on old concepts of land useage and do not take into account modern low carbon eco businesses that will boost the future economy

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Robocaller & Telemarketer blacklist

Users of PBX telephone systems could then regularly update the currently used Robo/Telemarketer numbers, and remove false poisitives. Public would be assured that the listed numbers are current and that private subscribers and false positives are not being blocked.

The current system of collecting these numbers from diverse web databases means anyone can blacklist YOUR NUMBER.

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We have bought a building plot but after establishing the services and servitude to access a private road and after paying solicitor, engineer re flood risk assessment and builder etc we cannot afford to do the new build. We can only afford to upgrade our static caravan to make it a permanent residence. My husband can make it look to blend in with our surroundings as he is a retired builder. However the council will not allow us to do this. We are so disillusioned by this as we have made the plot look neat and presentable where before it was a rough overgrown plot.

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